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Our Regional Disposal Point

We offer both private and commercial suppliers the opportunity to deliver waste directly and pay for it on site. 

We will be happy to tell you the current conditions in advance by phone or e-mail. 

Our acceptance catalogue

Here you will find a list of the waste materials that you can deliver to us.
Is something missing? Then please contact us, we will surely find a solution.

- Mixed municipal waste (MHW)
- Bulky waste
- Mixed construction and demolition waste
- Wood A1 (natural)
- Wood A2, A3
- Wood containing hazardous substances A4
- Biodegradable waste (garden waste, hay, straw, thatch)
- Tree stumps and roots
- Insulation material, polystyrene (EPS and XPS)
- Insulation material consisting of hazardous substances (KMF)

- Bitumen mixtures
- Building materials containing asbestos
- Foils (transparent, coloured, silo foil)
-Plaster building materials
- Building
-Soil and stones
-Waste glass
-Waste paper
-Iron and steel / non-ferrous metals
- Usedtyres with or without rim
-Lead-acid battery (truck / car)
- Wasteelectrical and electronic equipment

You are renovating your home, need to get rid of waste and need bark mulch, compost or potting soil in return? You'll find what you need here. Just ask our staff on site. 

Our opening hours

We are open for you during the following periods: 

Monday to Friday: 07:00 - 17:00
Saturday: 08:00 - 12:00

Call us

+49 5773 620

Contact us

Our location

Grenzweg 9, 32351 Stemwede