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Our history

A family business since its foundation on 01.10.1973 by Erwin and Liesel Wüppenhorst.

For almost 50 years now, we have been striving for ever more efficient and climate-friendly disposal. Today, our company employs 45 people and our site covers an area of almost 30,000 square metres with 7 halls and over 20 vehicles by 2021.

Today, we are responsible for the collection of recyclables and paper bins in the district of Lübbecke, as well as for the collection of organic and residual waste in the city of Rahden and the municipality of Stemwede.
We also operate a collection point for various types of waste, as well as a skip and container service for private and commercial customers.

Our milestones on the timeline

A new company emerges

Erwin and Liesel Wüppenhorst venture into self-employment and found the Wüppenhorst company.

First municipal contract

The young company begins to handle household waste collection for the city of Rahden. 

New acquisitions

Acquisition of a handling excavator, a dump truck and a container truck

Construction of 5 large warehouses

The company grows and needs space. Therefore, 5 large halls were built on the premises in the course of these 13 years. 

Foundation of the GmbH
Foundation of Wüppenhorst Entsorgung & Recycling GmbH
Construction of a LVP sorting plant

The company is investing in its own sorting plant to separate lightweight packaging (LVP) more effectively.

A new managing director

Erwin's son, Hermann Wüppenhorst, takes over the helm. The family business passes into the 2nd generation and is managed by Hermann Wüppenhorst as Managing Director with immediate effect.

Conversion of the LVP sorting plant

The LVP sorting plant is being rebuilt and expanded.

Change of name to Wüppenhorst Entsorgungsbetriebe GmbH

With Hermann Wüppenhorst as managing director, the company changes its name and is certified as a "specialist waste management company in accordance with the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act". 

Construction of a new 50 tonne scale

In order to be able to weigh trucks and push floors accurately, the company invests in a 50-tonne scale. 

A new warehouse is being built

Space is needed for the more extensive storage of bulky waste, green waste and plaster building materials. The company is building Hall 6. 

A new vehicle hall is being built

The vehicle fleet also grows and needs shelter. Hall 7 is a new vehicle hall. 

The 3rd generation of the Wüppenhorst family takes over

Christian Wüppenhorst takes over as managing director in the 3rd generation of the Wüppenhorst family. 

Our opening hours

We are open for you during the following periods: 

Monday to Friday: 07:00 - 17:00
Saturday: 08:00 - 12:00

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Grenzweg 9, 32351 Stemwede